River Tweed Fishing Information

The River Tweed is a renowned angling destination, attracting anglers from all over the world to fish for the River's Atlantic salmon, but our reputation as a top fishery for both Trout and Grayling is also ever growing.  To find out about fishing the Tweed for Salmon, Trout or Grayling, use the links below to find out about the fisheries and the river.

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Burt's Hotel

Bronze Member

Burts Hotel, the perfect borders location in the centre of Melrose.

Salmon Beats

All information on the Salmon beats on the River Tweed.

Trout Angling Associations

All information on the Trout Angling Associations on the River Tweed.

Fishing Reports

Latest fishing reports and catch details on the River Tweed.


All information about the Boatmen on the River Tweed.


Tweed Boatmen are a distinctive feature of fishing the Tweed.  The width of the river, with its deep pools and dubs, has always necessitated a skilled Boatman to help anglers reach the fish they are after.  Our Boatmen harbour a deep knowledge of the river and its ways, born of long association.  There have been many famed characters over the years, and todays Boatmen are no different - their affinity with the river is unique and important.

The only difference today is that women are sometimes Boatmen too.