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The Tweed Foundation was set up in 1983 by the RTC to protect and enhance the freshwater fish stocks in the River and is a charitable company limited by guarantee. It is one of the leading organisations in the field of fisheries research and management, but operates with a small and dedicated team that relies on donations from the membership, riparian owners, the RTC and others to fulfil its work programme; it has no public funding.

The Foundation carries out a tremendous volume of work in order to provide the Tweed Fishery managers, including the RTC, with objective scientific information on which to base fisheries management decisions.  It is fundamental to the well-being of the River that all of this work continues and, as a charitable trust, your support is crucial in keeping the momentum going and safeguarding the River for future generations to enjoy.

Support the River Tweed Foundation by buying our merchandise, make a donation or Sponsor a Smolt. Every purchase you make helps the River Tweed Foundation secure the future for the river.

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