Tweedswood, River Tweed

Tweedswood is a renowned and picturesque beat on the middle stretches of the River Tweed, offering 1.3 miles of double bank fishing in the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders. This naturally scenic and peaceful part of the river stretches upstream from the iconic Leaderfoot Viaduct, an old, disused railway bridge. With its photogenic setting, this stretch of the river, meandering through wooded banks and wide-open pasture, has been featured in many fishing magazines.

Since June 2020, Tweedswood's new ownership has invested heavily in restoring the riverbanks and pools to their former glory. Immediate efforts were made to reinstate three croys that had eroded over time. The impact of these improvements was quickly noticeable, as the restored croys helped regenerate a fast-moving channel through the center of the beat, resulting in enhanced catches.

Fishing at Tweedswood

Tweedswood is now a fly-only beat, with spinning no longer permitted under the new ownership. Starting in 2021, the number of rods has been reduced from six to four, though during September and October, six rods may be booked by a single party. The owner's house rod will occasionally be in use.

Easy wading along the Tweedswood stretch provides excellent salmon fishing. While most salmon have traditionally been caught in the autumn, there has been a trend toward earlier runs. Good conditions for sea trout, along with spring salmon and grilse, are also present earlier in the year.

Fishing starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m. The beat is divided into two sections, with each angler fishing one half in the morning and alternating to the other half in the afternoon. This system ensures everyone has a good day's fishing on the entire beat.

Tweedswood offers syndicate rods from early April to early August. Please enquirewith FishPal for more details.

Pools at Tweedswood

There are eight named pools at Tweedswood:

  1. Cowies Pool: A long, deep channel running into the Willows, a steamier run productive when the water's running off, with fish resting in the tail. Fishable from both banks.

  2. The Boiler: This pool boils when there is extra water. It is deep with good large stone lies, running down to Braes Corner Pool.

  3. Braes Corner Pool: A long and fast section over a croy, reminiscent of a classic Spey pool.

  4. Middle Braes: Starts with a long run into a deep pool, followed by another fast-flowing section leading into the Tappie.

  5. Tappie Pool: A great resting/holding pool with a large croy at the top and another on the far bank at the tail, productive in all conditions.

  6. Tweedswood Pool: Can be fished by two anglers from the bank, wading, or from a boat if there is sufficient water. Highly productive.

  7. Bridge Pool: Located under the viaduct, a famous landmark. This pool offers opportunities in all water conditions, with a croy on the opposite side maintaining the flow in low water and excellent fishing below the bridge in high water.

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