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Many aquatic invasive species and diseases are impossible to see and easily transferred from one water body to another on waders, rods, nets and boats. Follow the CHECK, CLEAN, DRY guidance for anglers, and ensure you are aware of which invasive species to watch out for.

Everyone can follow a basic biosecurity routine, as a matter of course;

Arrive with clean, dry footwear and equipment.

CHECK – Before leaving a site
Visually check footwear, boards, boat hulls and equipment for debris - plant and animal matter, small organisms, soil, seeds etc. and remove. Carry a basic biosecurity kit (brush and water) to help remove debris while on site.

Ideally rinse all your kit on site to ensure all debris is removed - remember some diseases aren't visible to the human eye and you might not recognise an invasive plant!

CLEAN - Clean and wash footwear, clothing and equipment with appropriate disinfectants, ideally on site, where the washings should be left. If this is not possible bag your gear carefully and wash as soon as possible, but do not let the washings enter any watercourse or drains.

DRY - dry your kit and clothing thoroughly, some species can live weeks in damp, moist conditions.

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