Dynamic Youth Awards

Students from Earlston High School were recently honoured with their Dynamic Youth Awards at the Tweed Foundation’s Ian Gregg River Academy. The awards were presented by Scottish rugby player Dave Cherry and Will Draper, Head of FishPal.

Over the course of a four-week program, the students engaged in both theoretical and practical modules related to fly fishing at the Tweed Foundation. To earn a Dynamic Youth Award, students select a 'challenge,' set personal targets, and engage in at least 5 hours of activity. They reflect on their achievements, record the time spent on their activities, and gather evidence of their participation. The certificate also indicates the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level and credit points.

Tweedstart Ambassador
Luke With Dave Cherry

Following their successful completion of the program, the students have now enrolled in the TweedStart Ambassador Programme. This initiative aims to encourage and support the younger generation to become advocates who inspire others to discover the joys of angling and embrace their roles as custodians of our rivers. Through the TweedStart Ambassadors Programme, we aim to cultivate a lifelong passion for fishing and safeguard the enduring legacy of angling on the River Tweed for future generations.

Ben McCallum, Tweed Foundation Education Officer and Project Lead, expressed his optimism for the future, stating, "We foresee these Ambassadors emerging as advocates for youth not only within the Scottish Borders but also beyond, as we extend the program into North Northumberland."

Will Draper, Head of FishPal, shared his enthusiasm for the initiative, saying, "We care deeply about the long-term future of our sport, and this means engaging with the next generation of fly fishers. We’re delighted to support this initiative with the donations our anglers provide. We wish the Tweed youngsters tight lines!”

We extend our deepest gratitude to FishPal, Glasgow Angling Centre, and the Angling Clubs across the Tweed catchment for their invaluable contributions, which have made this initiative possible

Dynamic Youth Award1

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