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Tweed Foundation Celebrates Success of Fish in the Classroom Projects

The Tweed Foundation proudly announces the success of its Fish in the Classroom projects, designed to captivate the interest of primary school children within the Tweed catchment area. Under the flagship program, "Go Wild For Fish," the Tweed Foundation has been actively engaging schools across the Tweed catchment with an array of curriculum-aligned lessons and activities. Through these educational efforts, the Foundation strives to ignite enthusiasm among students for the river ecosystem and the fascinating organisms inhabiting it.

Jamie Stewart, head of the Tweed Foundation, and Ben McCallum had the pleasure of announcing the Trout in the Classroom drawing competition winners at Broomlands Primary School and Ednam Primary School. The competition saw enthusiastic participation from local schools, with standout entries from P3 and P4 at Broomlands Primary School and P5 at Ednam Primary School with their depictions of fish found in the Tweed captured the essence of the competition's theme.

Mia (pictured below) from P5 at Ednam Primary School, Kelso, emerged as the talented winner in her age group. Her artwork, brimming with creativity and detail, exemplifies the students' commitment to the project's objectives.

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Mia Ednam House Primary School

Ben McCallum, Education Officer of the Tweed Foundation, orchestrated the event, with esteemed judges including the Duchess of Sutherland, Sarah-Jane Laing of Scottish Land and Estates, and Cabinet Secretary Mairi McCallum, facing the difficult task of selecting winners from a pool of exceptionally high-quality entries.

“Providing schools with the opportunity to look after trout fry from eggs in their own fish tanks, allows classes to immerse themselves fully in what is a fun and engaging project. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic the children were throughout the project as we hope to inspire the next generation of river stewards and raise the importance of maintaining a healthy river system”. Ben McCallum, Education Officer Tweed Foundation.

Trespass Kelso generously contributed prizes for the competition winners, underscoring their commitment to supporting the local community and encouraging outdoor exploration in the picturesque Scottish Borders.

"Through our 'Fish in the Classroom' projects, we're not just teaching children about fish; we're nurturing a connection with nature. Witnessing their enthusiasm and creativity reminds us of the importance of hands-on learning in fostering a lifelong love for our rivers and the environment." - Jamie Stewart, Head of the Tweed Foundation

These initiatives underscore the Tweed Foundation's commitment to nurturing environmental stewardship among the younger generation and fostering a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of the River Tweed catchment.

Ben McCallum and Cllr Catherine Seymour had the pleasure of announcing the winners of the Trout in the Classroom drawing competition for Class 5, Holy Trinity School Berwick, with Arla (right) emerging as the talented winner in her age group. 

"The children's enthusiasm for the project and their experiences have been incredibly memorable and rewarding. Exploring the wonders of the River Tweed and the sea has sparked their curiosity and left a lasting impression. Learning about the importance of fish in our ecosystem, and understanding the challenges they face in our rivers, has enriched their understanding of what makes a healthy river” stated Cllr Catherine Seymour, River Tweed Commissioner.

To Tweed Foundation's 'Go Wild For Fish' programme offers a variety of different lessons and activities - all of which are matched to both the Scottish and English curriculums - aiming to enthuse young people with the river and the organisms living in it.

Arla Holy Trinity Berwick

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