Inaugural River Tweed Awards 2023

The River Tweed Commission and Tweed Foundation are excited to announce the launch of the first-ever River Tweed Awards in 2023! We invite all angling enthusiasts to participate in this celebration by nominating their favourite boatman and angling spots.

Categories for Nomination:

  • Boatman Award: Recognising the expertise and dedication of boatmen who elevate the fishing experience on the River Tweed.
  • Best Beat Award: Celebrating beats that offer exceptional fishing opportunities, scenic beauty, and environmental stewardship.
  • Best Fishing Hut Award: Highlighting the fishing huts that go beyond providing shelter, creating a welcoming and memorable experience for anglers.
  • Best Fishing Club Award: Acknowledging fishing clubs that foster camaraderie, promote responsible angling practices, and contribute to the overall vibrancy of the River Tweed angling community.

Why Nominate?

This is a unique opportunity to vote for individuals, beats, huts, and clubs that have left a lasting mark on your visits to the river Tweed. The angling community decides the winners by voting for their favourite, making it a genuinely community-driven celebration of excellence. 

How to Nominate:

Nominate your favourite here and make your voice heard. Share your stories and examples, spotlighting why your nominee deserves recognition.

Nominations Close on January 28, 2024!

Save the Date: Winners Announced on Opening Day!

Join us on the 1st February 2024, the River Tweed Evening Event, where the inaugural River Tweed Awards winners will be revealed. More information on the event will be announced soon. 

Spread the Word!

Help us ensure the success of the first-ever River Tweed Awards. Share this news release, encourage fellow anglers to nominate, and join us in celebrating the incredible contributions that make the River Tweed the place for fishing enthusiasts.

Photographs and Stories

We love to hear from you! Please keep sending in your fishing stories to Anne Woodcock using your preferred method of contact below.
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Anne Woodcock


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Alternatively you can send a direct message via our social media channels below.

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