Appointment of Jonathan Reddin as the New Chief Commissioner for the River Tweed Commission and Tweed Foundation.

20th March 2024 – The River Tweed Commission (RTC) and Tweed Foundation announce the appointment of Jonathan Reddin as the new Chief Commissioner and Edward Innes Ker as Deputy. With over two centuries of rich history, the RTC is entrusted with the vital responsibility of safeguarding and managing the salmon and freshwater fish populations in the renowned River Tweed catchment area. 

Established over 200 years ago to navigate the complexities of managing a river straddling two countries, the RTC operates under the Scotland Act 1998 (River Tweed) Order 2006. Its mandate encompasses the management and regulation of salmon, sea trout, and other freshwater fish, as well as the preservation of fish migration routes and prevention of illegal fishing activities. The RTC's jurisdiction extends across the River Tweed and its tributaries, the coastline from Cockburnspath to Holy Island, and five miles out to sea, with enforcement powers spanning both England and Scotland.

The River Tweed, renowned as one of the most prolific Atlantic salmon rivers globally, faces multifaceted challenges threatening its ecological balance and sustainability. Jonathan Reddin emphasised the importance of collaborative governance, scientific advancement, and partnership networks to safeguard the Tweed's status as a global salmon stronghold. By adopting guiding principles centred on comprehensive governance reviews, scientific innovation, and strategic partnerships, the RTC aims to protect and enhance the River Tweed's reputation as one of the world's premier salmon catchments.


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