A Heartwarming Story from the River Tweed

Phil Ellis from Tweedswood shared a poignant experience that highlights the profound impact of the Tweedability boats. Earlier this week Cameron took his terminally ill father salmon fishing on the Tweed—a bucket list experience for them both. 

Cameron sat in the wheelyboat and cast the rod, then passed it to his father, who soon hooked into an Atlantic Salmon which was safely landed and returned. The emotional weight of the moment was palpable, making it an unforgettable experience for all involved. Another member of the party also caught a fish in the Bridge Pool, adding to the day's successes.

Jamie Stewart, Clerk to the RTC, expressed his gratitude to the owner of Tweedswood and Phil Ellis for making the day possible and to the staff at the River Tweed Commission who worked tirelessly to facilitate this memorable outing. It was a powerful reminder that while our problems are often temporary, the memories we create can last a lifetime.

These boats are more than just vessels—they are gateways to cherished experiences and unforgettable memories for anglers on the River Tweed.

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Get Involved: Support Accessibility on the River Tweed

The story shared by Phil Ellis is a testament to the profound impact that accessible fishing opportunities can have on individuals and their families. By making the River Tweed more inclusive, the Tweed Foundation and the River Tweed Commission are not only promoting the joy of fishing but also fostering moments of connection and fulfilment.

To keep the two Tweedability boats active on the river, we invite you to consider sponsorship opportunities. Your support can help ensure these boats remain available for everyone who needs them. Our sponsorship packages include the unique opportunity to name a boat, leaving a lasting legacy of your generosity.

  • Sponsor a Boat: Naming rights are available for sponsors, offering a special way to contribute and be recognised.

  • Donate: Every contribution helps maintain and operate the Tweedability boats, making fishing accessible to everyone.

  • Spread the Word: Share this initiative with your network to help us reach more potential sponsors and donors.

Together, we can continue to make the River Tweed a place where everyone can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of fishing. For more information on sponsorship and how you can help, please get in touch with Anne Woodcock anne@tweedfoundation.org.uk 

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