Ian Gregg River Academy

The Ian Gregg River Academy is an education facility in which you can learn all about the River Tweed and the organisms living in it.  Whether you are a school group, taking part in our citizen science programme, or just out for a wonder, come and work your way through interactive online material, observe the Tweed's different fish species in our fish tank and study freshwater invertebrates through our microscopes.

Fish Counters

Learn how fish counters help the Tweed Foundation to monitor numbers of Salmon and Trout throughout the Tweed catchment.

Tweed Trout

Discover how the Tweed Foundation are learning more about the Tweed's trout through our work on the river.

Gala Monitored River

Learn how and why the Tweed Foundation are working to make the Gala Water a monitored river for Salmon and Trout.

Netting at Paxton

Learn how the Tweed Foundation use Paxton Netting Station as a monitoring tool for the Tweed's Salmon and Trout.

Tackling Temperature

Discover how the Tweed Foundation are tackling rising water temperatures throughout the Tweed catchment.

Barriers in River

Learn about how in-river barriers can be a problem for the Tweed's migratory fish and how the Tweed Foundation work to remove barriers.

Biosecurity on Tweed

Learn how the Tweed Foundation are working with other parties to tackle biosecurity throughout the Tweed catchment.

Eddleston Project

Learn how re-meandering rivers can help reduce the risk of flooding.

Marine Reserve

Learn about some of the work being carried out in the Berwickshire Marine Reserve.