River Tweed Salmon Fisheries

The River Tweed salmon fishing season starts on 1st February and finishes on 30th November and is one of the most extended salmon fishing seasons in Scotland and the UK. Recognised by many as one of the great rivers for Atlantic salmon and Seatrout. 

Tweed divides itself into four sections, Upper (Tweed to the mouth of the Ettrick), Middle (downstream of the Ettrick to the mouth of the Teviot), Lower (downstream of the Teviot to the mouth of the Till) and Bottom (downstream of the Till to the sea). Due to the width of the river the lower two sections of Tweed are frequently fished from a boat and most of the lower river beats provide Boatmen (Tweed ghillies are traditionally called Boatmen) to assist their guests. Good fishing can also be enjoyed on Tweed’s tributaries, the four principal ones of which are Ettrick, Teviot, Till and Whiteadder.

The Tweed Foundation would like to thank for their support.

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